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Many people don't know a lot about radon mitigation systems and how they are installed. The radon system install is the same in Kenosha as it is in other Wisconsin cities and towns. Racine Radon will consult and make a decision on  which direct soil method will be utilized during radon abatement.
By far, the most widely used method  is depressurized Sub-slab mitigation. This is the most preferred method when trying to reduce get the most out of radon reduction. United States EPA has given recommendation to use this as standard radon abatement method in order to gain the most benefit from a radon mitigation system installation in Kenosha and Wisconsin cities and towns.

The determination on how which sub-slab method to use (there are a few) will be formatted as we look into some of structural and mechanical aspects of the home to be mitigated. We find that a great place to begin the process is to verify whether or not there is drain tile availability and access involving in the home's foundation.   A determination would be to find out if the house does contain these sufficient drain tiles, if so, the installation will be easier to achieve lower readings as to be more likely. If the dwelling has little or has no drain tiles at all, it usually does not effect pricing the Kenosha remediation system itself.     More often than not, our customers let us know  our competitors most often will charge more money if a home does not have drain tiles, here in the county of Kenosha.

The next step will be to gather more information to analyze in  or not the determined mitigation system will be lined parallels with the wall and go up through and into the attic and/or the garage. The next option is to erect and line-up the PVC pipe on the outside of the house.

When we ask these simplified questions, we find valuable information needed in the design and implementation. This is usually done over the phone. Once the information is clear pricing can and is usually determined.

When discussing your Radon Mitigation Kenosha home, Racine Radon will aske questions pertaining to which sump pump type is already present. The location as well as the style does play a role in radon mitigation design decision. If the correct pump is there, it will save our customers more money by not having sump pump replace costs.  We believe in saving our Kenosha customers as much on the money as possible. Radon Mitigation doesn't have to be expensive and certainly we want to avoid surprises. Probably 95% of all installs are billed exactly as quoted.

A Radon Mitigation Kenosha proposal will be submitted once the questions are answered.  We believe our prices are very competitive and we guarantee our radon mitigation work. to bring a reduction of levels to under 4.0 pCi/L, which complies with U.S. EPA indoor "action" guidelines. Radon Testing will always be a part of our proposal. Our Kenosha post radon system testing will provide documentation that our Kenosha homes radon reduction system succeeded and dangerous radon measurement levels have been eliminated. For more guidance to determine if Radon Testing and Mitigation is Necessary click here.



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    Radon Mitigation performed Kenosha can be found throughout the entire county. With higher level radon testing indicating elevated, it will give the feel of urgency to obtain radon mitigation as soon as possible. In fact, it is estimated that in some Radon gas will occur naturally and has been present in the soil for many years.  Once the homeowner or buyer is alerted of the high radon readings, it is time to make the mitigation system decision.   Here at Racine Radon, we take great pride in servicing Kenosha with expert 30 years. Kenosha Radon Mitigation by Racine Radon, is the choice for those individuals and families looking for a radon company that sticks out from the rest. We provide decades of experience, which is what is needed to assure that the best system will service the home in years to com,  If you are in the buying or selling Kenosha property, we are available to talk with you about radon testing & mitigation. Just pick up the phone and describe your property's address, so that we can send a gas technician over to test the home to determine the need for radon mitigation system installation.
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    Visit the Kenosha Historical Center:Kenosha County Historical Society is a campus of two buildings, the Kenosha History Center building which focuses on Kenosha County history, and the Southport Light Station Museum, a restored Light Keeper's home and lighthouse. The Kenosha History Center building houses the main offices, three exhibit galleries, the gift shop and our Archives. The Southport Light Station, located on top of the hill above the History Center building, is the fourth gallery, focusing on maritime history. The Southport Light Station Museum is composed of the 1866 historic lighthouse and the adjacent 1867 historic Lighthouse Keeper's home. Both floors of the Lighthouse Keeper's home have been restored to a 1908 time period, which dates to the most recent building additions and changes. The Southport Light Station Museum is open mid May through the end of October.

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      As part of Kenosha County, Wisconsin Residents are asked to test radon levels in homes.

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