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Reducing Radon in Wisconsin for more than 30 Years

We've Been Reducing Radon Gas in Wisconsin for more than 30 Years

Experience makes the Difference

Hello, I'm Gregg Zetzman. For more than 30 years, my company Racine Radon, has been providing Onsite services to Racine, Kenosha, Walworth, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties. I have answered the call to reduce radon in homes and businesses. In fact, I have reduced deadly gases for more than 6000 clients, designing every system myself!

I have been invited many times to speak about radon as a guest speaker at business gatherings, radio programming as well as print news. Nothing beats experience, escpecially when dealing with difficult radon gas! To learn more of What's radon about click HERE




 Certified and Insured

Certified by National Radon Safety Board (NRSB)The primary objective of the Board shall be the development of standards and procedures for certification of radon testers and mitigators, the development and administration of examinations leading to certification, the awarding of certificates, the issuance of written proof of certification to individuals who satisfy requirements for certification, and the revocation of certification. The Board shall also develop standards and procedures to establish that certified radon testers and mitigators are knowledgeable of new developments in the profession through continuing education and have remained active in providing radon services.

State of Wisconsin recognizes and lists NRSB CERTIFIED Radon Professionals

NRSB Certification

Radon Measurement Specialist  #2SS0055

Radon Measurement Specialist #17SS051

Radon Mitigation Specialist  #2G0003

Radon Mitigation  Specialist #17G007

AARST Multi-family Measurement

AARST Multi-family Mitigation




One example of many incorrect and improper systems installed NOT TO EPA protocol. First, the fan is in the living space, Second, the pipe is blowing at ground level. Third, no sump pump cover-meaning no air tight cover on it. If the fan housing or piping above the fan (joints and pipe fittings) would leak, they would leak into the home. If the fan is in the floor next to the crock, then the fan is losing pull.

Obviously an unsuspecting consumer or buyer would think they have and paid for a properly designed system consistent with EPA NRSB NRPP AARST protocols. This system will very likely be flagged when inspected next time by a knowledgeable home =inspector and could be dangerous                                    --->




Using Quality Materials, Technique & Technology

Whether we are reducing radon in homes, condominiums, institutions, schools or commercial, we take pride in the materials we use.  Only quality onsite services and materials and technology will go into our radon reducing systems.  Many techniques and materials used by unlicensed and unfortunately even some certified mitigation contractors fall short. In fact, some materials and techniques can cause other toxic issues

Using Quality Materials, Technique & Technology

Whether we are reducing radon in homes, condominiums, institutions, schools or commercial, we take pride in the materials we use.  Only quality materials and technology will go into our radon reducing systems.  Many techniques and materials used by unlicensed and unfortunately even some certified mitigation contractors Contact our onsite services

Get a glimpse at what radon looks like. Now imagine yourself living in a home with high radon levels and breathing radon into your lungs and into your body every day.

Sub-slab method removes radon before it enters the home.

Specializing in Sub-Slab Radon Mitigation


Active Sub-slab Radon Mitigation AKA-SSD (Preferred Method)

The most common approach used is known as "Active Sub-Slab Depressurization" or (ASSD). This method involves drawing the radon gas (and other pollutants) from soils that are directly adjacent to the structure. In order for this method to be effective, a sealed barrier between the home and the soil must be available to divert the radon gas away from the home.

Fresh Air Systems DO NOT REMOVE RADON, they only dilute the radon.




Some Homes can be more difficult to reduce radon

Many homes built after the 1940's have drain tiles. We can utilize these drain tiles in assisting the removal of radon. However, even homes with drain tiles can be difficult to reduce for an average mitigator with less experience. Older homes without drain tiles can be reduced, as I have reduced all homes below EPA recommended levels, but I will often get the call to reduce radon in homes other mitigators cannot. We are proud as a company to succeed 100% .

Sale of a homes can  be jeopordised if a radon contractor fails to reduce radon to under EPA levels?-

Over the years, I have worked with many realtors, sellers and buyers. I have often heard nightmarish stories  about how contractors promised to reduce radon and failed.  Homebuyers can often walk away from a deal, leaving the seller with a lost sale and a radon system investment that is not reducing dangerous levels.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Radon Mitigation Method  AKA- HRV

In a home with an inaccessible crawl space, limited slab accessibility, apartments, condominiums and other scenarios where active soil depressurization (sub-slab) isn't practical, an "Heat Recovery  Ventilation"  (HRV) can be used to treat radon problems. Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) reduces radon levels by adding fresh air and creating positive air pressure. Negative air pressure in lower levels of the home creates a force that pulls soil gases, including radon, inside.  By reducing the negative air pressure, Energy Recovery Ventilation can reduce radon levels while delivering fresh air into the home. These two features make the ERV system a great solution for reducing radon and other contaminants in the home's air.

Repair and Replacement of inproper or non-working systems

Wisconsin does not license radon testing nor radon mitigation providers. but they do certify  individuals who have taken training and register information with the state. However, many times these individuals skimp on systems or do not have the knowledge, experience or expertise to be able to bring down difficult radon levels.

What determines where a radon system is placed?-

Another specialty of ours and mine is determining how well I can conceal my systems.  When designing a system, I will always study, pictures, plans and talk with those who know the property.  I want to determine the best location for concealment.  The homeowner and buyer input is always welcome and encouraged. When I interview a potential customer and ask them questions about their home or perspective home, I can almost always determine the best location for the radon mitigation system. I always search for the most concealed place or the least noticeable area. The crew will tuck the piping in well if located on the outside of the home but we are looking to hide the radon system installation as best as we can.





Single, Multi-family, Institutional & Commercial Method

Our radon mitigation services include all buildings throughout Wisconsin. We are uniquely trained, certified and tested to perform many jobs other radon mitigation companies cannot and have not been AARST trained and certified to do. For instance, contractor needed to install a proper radon system.  We use both Active Sub-slab Radon Mitigation Method and Heat Recovery Ventilation Method for these types of buildings.  We are AARST Certified in multi-family measurement and mitigation and can provide these services on HUD, FHA and all state and federal testing and mitigation requirements.

Beware of contractors claiming they are Wisconsin "licensed"

Our radon mitigation services include all buildings throughout Wisconsin. EPA trained radon Mitigation measurement and mitigation are NOT licensed in the state of WI.  If a a company or individual proclaims they are "licensed", the statement would be inaccurate.  The state of Wisconsin does keep a list of Nationally certified individuals and companies. These companies, NRSB and NRPP qualify properly trained radon measurement and radon mitigation individuals. 

Every Home Radon Mitigation System is Designed by Me, Gregg Zetzman!-

My company keeps it local and personal! Each and every radon system designed, is designed by me. Check out or Photos Here Many larger radon mitigation companies will just send a crew out to a home and let their crew deal with wherever is the easiest. These crews often cut corners or just do not have the experience or the integrity to make sure that system is installed in the best place and properly done.  I put my input before the  job, designing the system, throughout the job and always approve the final completion of that job. Contact us


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