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Radon Testing is the method used to determine the need Radon Mitigation in Caledonia

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Radon Testing Determines the Need for Radon Mitigation System

When we think of the beautiful Caledonia landscape, we think of beauty, fresh air, more or less- the good life, right?

Perhaps not. Did you know radon can be lurking in your Caledonia homestead? Yes, elevated radon measurements have been found in many homes throughout Caledonia and neighboring communities.    The high-pressure air will help keep the radon locked in the soil, there’s no rain to fill the pores (forcing radon out), and the warming soil will be expanding and holding the radon.

Many people in Caledonia, Wisconsin have ever heard of radon, let alone think about the radon lung cancer connection. Radon causes more lung cancer than any other toxin except smoking. This is how dangerous the element is and can be to your health.  The fact is, EPA recommends that every American should be testing their homes for radon gas. So many lives could be saved if the word got out as to how the hidden toxin can cause the most killing cancer in our country.

If you test your Caledonia home for radon and your radon measurement comes back higher than 4.0 pCi/L,  you must consider radon mitigation according to EPA.  If you do not, you will be putting yourself and your family at high risk to develop lung cancer. Now add smoking to mix. Smokers are even more susceptible to contracting lung cancer if also exposed to radon for a long time. The higher the radon level, the more likely it could be for you to develop lung cancer.

When testing for radon, the lowest level of the home is generally advised. Here in Caledonia, Wisconsin, we have basements. If you or your children spend time in the basement, that is the space that should be tested. Remember, we want to find out if radon mitigation is necessary.

Many ask if there is any preparation that should be done prior to radon testing. The answer is yes, the home should be under closed condition for at least 12 hours prior to setting up the radon test. Closed conditions means windows and doors should be closed tight. Normal walking in and out of doors is acceptable and permitted.

After the radon testing equipment is set up and running, the home occupants can go about their normal lives. The test will remain in place for a minimum of 48 hours. Once the radon monitor is retrieved, the data will be displayed, uploaded and provided. The result will determine the need for radon mitigation.

A radon mitigation system is usually installed using the Active Sub-slab Depressurization method.  This method will evacuate the toxic gas from the soil beneath the home through pipe and out of the home.


I’d be reluctant to decide to install an expensive radon mitigation system based on just one test, especially when testing is so much cheaper than mitigation. But maybe I should back up a little bit and talk about what radon is and its source.

Technically, what really is Radon?

Lets start with uranium; in particular U-238. This will comprise much more than 99% of all Earth's uranium.

At the process of U-238 decay, there comes an emittance of alpha particle. These two protons include two neutrons, turning into a product called thorium. To be specific, Th-234. These decay and emit  beta particles.  The uranium-238 decay series performs more than 12 functions. Each will reach a radio-active state, prior to the finale which ends as stable-like lead substance. Along with these those steps, only radon is a gas remains. It is important to know that  radon is much more than a gas.  Facts tell scientists that it is a noble type element gas. This type of gas is denser than Earth's air. This what is measured in basement radon testing. If you need Radon Mitigation in Caledonia, WI, Contact Us

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    Radon Mitigation in Racine County may be Needed in 47% of Racine Homes

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    Racine County Residents are urged to test their homes for radon.

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