Radon Testing in Racine

Radon Testing in Racine

 184 2310 S. Green Bay Rd. STE C, #184, Racine, WI 53406           262-955-6696

 184 2310 S. Green Bay Rd. STE C, #184, Racine, WI 53406                      262-955-6696

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Radon Testing in Racine, WI

Racine Radon Testing actually means to "measure" the radioactivity in the indoor space. Let's begin with how radon is measured and what radon
levels are considered "elevated"

In Racine and throughout Wisconsin, Radon is measured in what's called picoCuries per liter which is a measurement of radioactive decay and a gas and 1 picoCuries per liter amounts to 2.2 radioactive decays or energy emissions per minute per liter of air for one peak of carry and at 4 picoCuries per liter. EPA action level recommends every home be tested for radon. If radon levels equal 4.0 picoCuries per liter or higher, levels should be reduced. Radon levels can be reduced through radon mitigation. A radon mitigation contractor will choose the method that will work best at reducing radon for a particular home.  At this point a radon mitigation system cost will be determined. Once the radon mitigation system is installed, another test is conducted, to be sure the radon mitigation system is working properly and reducing levels. EPA recommends testing for radon every two years no matter if a radon mitigation system was installed or not.

Why is it important to get radon testing? Why is it so important to use a reputable testing company? It's about radon. Health risks of radon is the dangerous risk of developing lung cancer as a result to being exposed to the elevated radon levels over time. It is long-term exposure to elevated radon increases your chance of getting lung cancer and even among cancers lung cancer is a really bad diagnosis . Research has shown that lung cancer has the lowest survival rates of the ten most common cancers and fast the EPA estimates that over 21,000 people die each year from lung cancer caused by radon exposure and that's that is over 50 people per day who died because they were exposed to elevated rate.

We at Racine Radon, urge all residents in Racine to take Wisconsin's radon problem seriously. One call can schedule one of our certified radon testing technicians to measure and sample the radon in your home, business or school. No one is safe from radon unless it is tested and if elevated, reduced to below action levels. We can do both.

Insight Into Radon Levels In Winter In Wisconsin Area

Why are homeowners more at risk of radon exposure in winters in Wisconsin?

During winters in Racine, Wisconsin, one can see frost on the windshields of the car. This season calls for Wisconsin homes to get cozy in the winter months. But, the problem of radon may rise in the winter months.

To understand the effect of radon, we need to understand “The Stack Effect.” The house creates a natural vacuum that pulls the radon gas and air into the home through the soil present in the foundation of the home. This natural vacuum is referred to as Air Pressure Differentials. The APD may not be very large, but the smaller APDs can alter the radon readings at home too.

Suppose there is more excellent contrast between Wisconsin winter and coziness at home, the greater its stack effect. Here, the warm air that rises and exits from the upper half of your house is replaced with the radon gas. But, if it gets, colder then it attracts maximum radon gas at your home as stated under the radon test.

Moreover, this ‘stack effect’ is responsible for the rise and fall of radon levels inside your home. Another thing you may witness here is frozen ground soil. In extreme winters, the Southern Wisconsin ground starts freezing. This cold hard soil makes it difficult for radon gas to escape into the air or outdoor areas.  When you take a closer look at this process, you will realize that the radon gas comes through the soil. The radon gas will take the path of your home’s foundation to escape into your home.

Even if you opt for the closed windows option, windows remain closed during the winters. It means to increase exposure to radon as you can measure radon levels at your home too. So, the stack effect mixed with the frozen ground soil and closed windows are a complete recipe for the higher levels of radon.

What can homeowners do in this situation?

Get the radon testing done in your home. The electronic radon measuring monitor will provide an accurate reading of radon levels in your home within 48 hours. When you come to know about the radon levels in your home, you can either take action or feel safe at your home.

We offer onsite radon services including radon mitigation system and promises guaranteed results. With the installations of our customized radon mitigation system at your home, you can expect the EPA recommended levels below 4pCi/L.

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