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What defines the "Best" in radon mitigation? Clearly experience would rank number one! Without experience, a company can determine what reduction method will work best for the home. There are different ways to install a sub-slab effective radon mitigation system in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There is the outside installation as one method and the interior installation as another method. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages..

Outside Sub-slab method: This method will include running piping along the exterior of the home. Racine Radon will find a place on the exterior of the home to place the radon mitigation system and all parts including the radon fan, will be located outside. The advantage is that there is no roof penetration. A disadvantage would be that it will be more visible than an exterior sub-slab radon system.


Interior Sub-slab method: The piping will be ran through the interior of the basement or garage. All parts, including the radon fan, will be kept indoors and unseen from the exterior, with the exception of the pipe penetrating through the roof. The disadvantage would be a pipe penetrating through the roof. The advantages are that most of the radon mitigation system is unseen from the outside.

Many people living in Kenosha are unaware of radon and its deadly effects. They have no idea that they could be spending every day with this hazard as they breathe the air in their home. Racine Radon hopes to inform Kenosha County citizens about radon mitigation systems and how they are installed and can solve this issue. The radon system install is the same in Kenosha as it is in other Wisconsin cities and towns. Racine Radon will consult and make a decision on  which direct soil method will be utilized during radon remediation.



Why is Radon Mitigation Necessary Kenosha WI?

The Short Answer: It's the Number 1 cause of Lung Cancer after Smoking

This toxin called radon naturally occurs beneath our homes. It is actually a  radioactive gas. It originates from the breaking down of uranium located in the soil, water and rock. These matters move through the soil into pockets and then move upward to the surface. As it reaches the foundations of homes, it penetrates through the porus concrete. Once it breaks through and into the living space, it penetrates into the air we breathe, which is determined by th EPA.

When we breathe too much radon, it can lead to lung cancer, research indicates. In fact, its the leading cause of lung cancer in the United States for those individuals who do not smoke.

According to the EPA, it estimates that radon gas causes 21,000 deaths related to radon caused by radon -induced lung cancer every year.

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    The BEST Radon Mitigation in Kenosha

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    Radon Mitigation in the form of sub-slab is pictured.  Kenosha areas have been tested extensively and many homes do have elevated radon levels . When radon testing levels are measured at elevated levels, it indicates the need for mitigation. It is just too risky to live with out-of-range radon air. A  radon mitigation can and will take care of the problem as long as the contractor knows how to install a proper radon mitigation system. Once the homeowner or buyer is aware of high readings, an appointment needs to made get the mitigation system installed.  Racine Radon, takes pride in servicing Kenosha and Kenosha County with pride and integrity. We are your local expert contractors with a  30 year service tract record. Kenosha Radon Mitigation by Racine Radon, is the first choice for realtors, home inspectors, bankers, home owners, sellers, buyers and renters. No wonder we have been the first choice in radon remediation for decades. More information regarding Simmons Park, Kenosha here.
    Did you make a mistake and DIY Radon Mitigation in Kenosha. Do not worry, we have corrected many systems over the years and made a DIY Radon Mitigation safe. Contact us.

    Visit the Kenosha Historical Center: Kenosha County Historical Society features its campus of two buildings, the Kenosha History Center building focuses on history in Kenosha County and the Southport Light Station Museum, is a restored Light Keeper's home and also a lighthouse. Visit Simmons Park for a beautiful view and experience. The Kenosha History Center building also houses main offices, which consist of three exhibit galleries, the gift shop and Kenosha Archives. The Southport Light Station, is located on the top of a hill above the History Center building and is the fourth gallery, which focuses on Kenosha maritime history. The Southport Light Station Museum is composed of the historic 1866 lighthouse and its adjacent 1867 historic Lighthouse Keeper home. Both floors of the Lighthouse Keeper home have went through restoration into the 1908 period of time, which dates back to the most recent additions to the building changes. The Southport Light Station Museum opens from mid-May through late- October.

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      Kenosha County Radon Remediation and Racine County Radon Remediation, could be nessacary in a large amount of all Kenosha county homes

      Racine Radon will help you make the BEST decision on if and when radon mitigation needs to be done. Kenosha County, Wisconsin Residents are asked to test radon levels in homes.

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