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Radon Mitigation Caledonia, WI

Is radon really dangerous? Where can I find radon mitigation near me? To answer those questions, let us start with the statistics. EPA  estimates over somewhere 20,000 U.S citizens will suffer a death due to lung cancer related to radon. A radon level in Caledonia can show larger elevations than many other areas throughout the United  States. Ehen determining the radon levels in U.S. regions, Caledonia and Racine County ranks amoung the highest when determining the toop elevated areas in the county. A test determines the need for a radon mitigation system. An installed system can be designed when those levels are determined. Wisconsin DHS  conducted a study starting from 1995-2016. Wisconsin study determined that 57.3% of homes in Caledonia contained readings of 4.0pCi/L and above that. As worrisome as this may be, we can fix an elevated gas problem. Radon Mitigation has been performed in many Caledonia homes over the last 3 decades by our company, Racine Radon. Homeowners will call or email our office. We will then determine the type of Caledonia home that is in need of radon mitigation and then design the radon sysstem that will remove radon to the greatest percentage.  Racine Radon will design this radon mitigation system at no charge to the client. Once we have a design implemented, a propsal will be given to the client. We can then set up a time and schedule an appointment to install the radon abatement system. A post-mitigation test option is then implemented and we will get the result of the new gas level.
We take pride in our work
Our technicians are thoroughly trained and will treat your home with care and neatness during installation. Every radon mitigation system is designed with our own home in mind. We do not want the mitigation system to be observed easily , so it is most always tucked away.

Why is radon mitigation by Racine Radon is BEST

High radon levels are found by testing a home. If these levels are considered elevated, it will determine the need for mitigation. Radon Mitigation is essential when an air test reads elevation after analysis.

Some homes in Caledonia, Wisconsin have elevated measurement and some do not, but the only wat to truly know is to test.

Here is a description of how Radon occurs

Radon occurs naturally. A breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and from time to time water. Air pressure inside the interior part a home is usually  lower pressure than the soil outside and under the home circumference. The  difference is in pressure. A Caledonia home and other Racine county homes will act like a vacuum. This type of vacuum will draw gas through cement foundation cracking which run inside the cement foundation under and around the home. This is why it is important to understand the concern that radon in the 2nd cause of lung cancer. How else would you know why it is so important to get rid of? Getting rid of this air gas can save your life.

Radon testing Caledonia neighborhoods is the only wat to determine what home levels are elevated.

Remediation install price right over the phone.  In rare cases we may need to schedule an appointment to the home and check for items. Rest assured, you will receive the BEST design and Sub-slab radon mitigation plan for your home. We have 30 years experience serving the Caledonia, Wisconsin community and we look forward to installing your radon mitigation system elevated or come out to test for it. Call 262-955-6696

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    Racine Radon is the Best Testing and Mitigation Company for your Real Estate Transaction

    Radon Mitigation Caledonia WI

    Racine Radon is the most profoundly respected radon company in the entirety of Wisconsin. We have been providing Caledonia with 30 years experience providing services and the best care and concern for their radon problems.

    Radon in Caledonia, WI is coming out of the ground all over Caledonia. This radon progeny seeps into our homes bringing havoc to our bodies, primarily our lungs.

    The cost of radon mitigation systems

    The home needing radon mitigation will be diagnoses and analyzed on the phone by Gregg, the owner of Racine Radon. Gregg will usually be able to determine what the cost will be. The average range will be between $750 and $1100. The price cost will depend on the type of home and its components.

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    Caledonia in North of Kenosha and North of Racine

    Radon Mitigation in Racine County may be Needed in 47% of Racine Homes

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    Racine County Residents are urged to test their homes for radon.

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