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When searching for Radon Mitigation Companies Near Me, consider experience and locality. These are the two top reasons to hire Racine Radon for your radon mitigation system installation. With more than 30 years of service to Racine county as well as South East Wisconsin, we have proven to reduce radon and earned respect and referrals from real estate professionals as well as home buyers and sellers. Here are five reasons to choose Racine Radon Mitigation & Testing
1. Design- It is our specialty to conceal the radon system in the home to the best it can be. This means to design the system to fit into the each individual home custom. Your home will be analyzed by shape, size, age, garage location, basement or crawl space type and any type of repair work completed on the foundation.
2. Quality of workmanship- When a radon company is servicing the community as long as we have, there is a reason. Quality of workmanship will always be our major priority to out customers. We only use top grade materials as well as expert workmanship.
3. Results- Not only is it important to design the radon abatement system to blend in or stay concealed as best as possible, but the radon system much function as the best possible way to draw the radon gas out from under the slab and into the atmosphere. The functionality of the mitigation installation is so important.
4. Guarantee- A guarantee is very important to our customers. A guarantee is offered on most radon remediation systems.
5. Standing By- With the longevity of our business, we have proven to our customers that we are there for the long haul and service of your system. If there are any issues regarding fan replacement throughout the years, it is important to know a solid reputable company that has been in business for more than 30 years will be around to help out with replacing the fan or installing a new fan.

Radon in Racine, as in other states, comes up through the ground and penetrates the cracks and crevices in your home's foundation or basement walls according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If your radon level tests at 4 pCI/L or higher, you'll need it reduced. Some people think that sealing the cracks will be a good mitigation of the radon. But, that might be part of the process, but it's not the whole process. t'll be important to hire professional certified radon mitigation contractor to do the project correctly. It's a lighter than air gas so it floats.

Racine Radon technicians are certified in measurement and radon mitigation. We are Wisconsin State listed. Learning why are srvice are superior to others is important and a smart thing to research as a consumer. Not only can Racine Radon offer these essential reasons to provide these radon services, we also offer the system installations at a very competitive cost. The cost of the system is important to our clients and when we offer our quote, our customers are relieved and happy to know that cost effective radon mitigation and peace of mind go hand in hand when Racine Radon is hired to get the job done! Our radon mitigation system cost will be designed specifically for your home and the ground it sits on to the place it exits.


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According to research, Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer among Americans. It does not matter if you are male or female. Radon can kill you. Most people only relate lung cancer to smoking, as it is the number #1 cause, but unfortunately many people find out the reason for their lung cancer as a non-smoker was probably and could have been caused by this un-checked gas in their home. Racine Radon urges everyone to get their homes tested for radon. We offer testing services. One the radon level is determined, the need for mitigation decision can be made.

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Racine Health Department Radon Symbol recommends testing homes for radon and mitigation when necessary www.racineradon.com
Racine Radon Testing & Mitigation 184 2310 S. Green Bay Rd. STE C, #184, Racine, WI 53406 (262) 955-6696 Near Me Stats
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    Radon Mitigation in Racine County may be Needed in 47% of Racine Homes

    Racine County Residents are urged to test their homes for radon.

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